Branding Objectives:
Create a new branding experience that helps Villains stand out from their Princess counterparts. Branding should be edgy and targeted toward an older girl. 
Villains packaging is 100% plastic-free under Hasbro's plans to phase out plastic from new product packaging beginning in 2020, to eliminate all plastic in packaging for new products by the end of 2022. 

Branding Details:
The focus of the branding was the duality of each Villain, using the movie moments to show both sides of the Villains personality. The unboxing experience is inspired by Bright Eyes Cassadaga's album decoder artwork created by Zack Nipper. The album art and this packaging line both focus on graphics that are very hard to see without a decoding device. Just like the Villains, not all is what it seems. Consumers will use a decoder to find additional artwork and product locations hidden throughout the inner box. Worked closely with the product team to make sure the decoder works on both packaging graphics and product outfits to continue the Villains story through each step of play.

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