Brand redesign partnership with CodeBox for Ultimate Estate Planner. The client felt their original logo was unclear, very cartoonish/ clip art, and outdated. The goal of the redesign was to create a modern, more professional look. The logo needed to target Professionals (not consumers); mostly estate planning attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, life insurance agents and trust officers.

This logo received a 2015 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award

Old Logo

New Logo
Slogan and icon Logo
Bold typography used to draw attention to the important word of the name, Ultimate. Pencil and key icon represents the process, using proper planning to unlock their practice’s potential. Logo lock up can be used with and without the slogan.
Key Logo
Using the key element to replace the treasure chest. Logo showing Ultimate Estate planner is the ultimate key to unlock potential. Bold typefaces and uppercase were chosen to place most of the emphasis on the word Ultimate.
Typographic logo
Design goal was to create more focus on the company name. Stacked name and limited color pallet was used to create a more corporate vibe. The slogan is in grey making it a secondary call out.
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